United States
The Actor's Fund Of America

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US Actor's Fund CD - CD 1968-2 front
Ghostlight Records 1968-2
7 91558 19682 5
CD 2005 USA English

The Actor's Fund Of America Benefit Recording

Aquarius Lillias White, Tribe 2:58 Don't put it down John Tartaglia, Christopher Sieber 1:19
Donna Lea DeLaria, Tribe 2:22 Frank Mills Annie Golden 2:13
Hashish Tribe 1:08 Be-In 'Hare Krishna' Tribe 2:26
Sodomy Jai Rodriguez, Tribe 1:21 Where do I go? Julia Murney, Tribe 2:50
Colored spade Chuck Cooper, Tribe 1:35 Hippie life Eden Espinosa, Harris Dorna, Tribe 2:13
Manchester, England Euan Morton, Harris Doran, Tribe 1:20 Electric blues Toxic Audio 3:03
Dead end Ana Gasteyer, Tribe 2:26 Black boys Kathy Brier, Orfeh, Ann Harada 1:29

Sheila Franklin

I believe in love

Shoshana Bean, Tribe 1:20 White boys Brandi Chavonne Massey, Ledisi, Shayna Steele 2:45

I'm black

Ain't got no

Tribe 2:22 Walking in space Sherie Rene Scott, Tribe 4:37
Air Harvey Fierstein 1:25 Yes I's finished on y'all's farmlands Tribe 0:54
Initials Laura Benanti, Tribe 1:43

Four score

Abie, Baby

Billy Porter, Tribe 2:41
I got life Adam Pascal, Tribe 2:25 Good morning starshine Liz Callaway, Tribe 2:50
Going down Gavin Creel, Tribe 2:07 Three-five-zero-zero Tribe 2:57
Hair Raúl Esparza, Harris Doran, Tribe 3:07 What a piece of work is man Darius De Haas, Paul Castree 1:44
My conviction Charles Busch 1:10 The flesh failure (Let the sunshine in) Norm Lewis, Harris Doran, Tribe 4:18
Easy to be hard Jennifer Hudson 3:49 ? ? ?


Claude: Harris Doran
Solo's: Shoshane Bean, Laura Benanti, Kathy Brier, Charles Busch, Liz Callaway, Paul Castree, Chuck Cooper, Gavin Creel, Darius de Haas, Lea DeLaria, Raúl Esparza, Eden Espinosa, Harvey Fierstein, Ana Gasteyer, Annie Golden, Ann Harada, Jennifer Hudson, Ledisi, Norm Lewis, Brandi Chavonne Massey, Euan Morton, Julia Murney, Orfeh, Adam Pascal, Billy Porter, Jai Rodiguez, Sherie Rene Scott, Christopher Sieber, Shayna Steele, Toxic Audio, John Tartaglia, Lillias White
The Tribe: Andrea Burns, Kate Chapman, Bobby Daye, Geoffrey Hemingway, Mary Faber, Julie Garnyé, Chris Ghelfi, Lucia Giannetta, Brian M. Golub, Nina Hennessey, MaryAnn Hu, Trent Armand Kendall, Audrey Klinger, Jason Little, Tina Maddigan, Orville Mendoza, DeQuina Moore, Anisha Nagaraja, Darius Nichols, Eliseo Roman, Nell Snaidas, Schele Williams, Christopher Zelno

Conductor, Keyboards: Seth Rudetsky
Baritone Sax, Flute, Clarinet: Allen Won
Bass: Wilbur Basscomb Jr.
Drums: Jimmie Young
Guitar: Jay Berliner, Greg Utzig
Percussions: Errol "Crusher" Bennett, Kerry Meads
Trombone: Vincent MacDermot
Trumpet: Hollis Burrage, Glen Drewes, Bob Milikan
Music Contractor: Charles Gordon


Recorded on October 1st, 2004, at The Hit Factory, NYC
Additional Recording at Masque Sound, NYC, and Sound on Sound Studios, NYC

Released: June 14th, 2005

Sung in English