This is My Hair Site about recordings of the great musical Hair that was created by Jim Rado, Gerome Ragni and Galt MacDermot. At least of all the recordings I know that exist. Most of the recordings I own, but some of them I just 'found' on the internet.

The recordings are listed by continent.
Than by year and than by country.
If you click on the picture of a recording you will go to a page with large pictures of this recording.
I scanned all the pictures myself, except for the ones that I don't have myself. If I used a picture of someone that doesn't want me to use it, let me know and I'll remove it. If people want to use my scans, be my guest.

If you see anything wrong, have more information on any recording, know of a recording not yet on my list, or have a picture of a recording that I don't have or have a recording that I might be interested in, please let me know!

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Recordings with this background I have

Recordings with this background I don't have!!

By the way, this site is still under construction and is being updated constantly.



When Cast What  

2011, May 1st

Studio albums & singles


2010, August 28th

Movie soundtrack

New: mc ES 698 & ES 699

Movie MC - ES 698 frontMovie MC - ES 699 front

2010, August 27th

Broadway 1968

New: mc 1150-4-RC Australia

US Broadway MC - 1150-4-RC front

2010, August 17th

Movie soundtrack

New: mc 501

Movie MC - 501 Vol. 1 front

2010, August 17th

Broadway 1968

New: lp 740.580 France

US Broadway LP - 740.580 front

2010, August 16th


New: lps 2C 008-10372 M

France LPS - 2C 008-10372 M front

2010, August 16th


New: lps 2C 006-10372 M

France LPS - 2C 006-10372 M front

2010, August 15th


New: lp 740.666

US DisinHAIRited LP - 740.666 front

2010, August 11th

Broadway 1968

New: cd ST 52073

US Broadway CD - ST 52073 front

2010, August 3rd

England 1968 / Fresh Hair

New: cd 519 973-2 promo

England Hair/Fresh Hair CD - 519 973-2 promo front

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